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'Sura'fi' means there is a picture in Juba Arabic



'Sura'fi' is the only way to describe a moment where adventures, stories, memories & ideas are captured in a lens. Some pictures aren't meant to be scrolled or strolled past. 

About the photographer:

Hey there, I'm Kabung D.W aka KAIBI, founder of Sura'fi Creative and photographer based in London. I've moved many times over the years as a migrant so I've come to appreciate the beauty of now and moments that are held for one moment but lost forever in a time capsule. I'm a singer-songwriter, musician, illustrator and dabble in anything artsy. For now I stick with photography and music as my way of seeing the world.  I like to shoot nature, streets and musicians and I like to collaborate when creating with others. I've also worked with migrant communities in the U.K over the years which has helped me see through the lens of others.

I shoot with a Fuji camera and all my works are available for print on request and some are available in my Etsy store.

You can explore more of my work on Behance, Adobe Stock and my instagram profiles. You will normally find me at a gallery or concert or behind a lens.


Share with me in the contact section and let's create. Look forward to creating with you


You can follow the rest of my pictures @surafi_people, @Surafi_city, on instagram and Behance 

Kabung DW.



Uncomfortable Conversations: A Letter To My Husband



Notion of Form x Ronan Mckenzie - Material Connection



FORWARD - These Are Our Friends album  

Let’s Work Together

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